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Cyber Monday Deals at marketin9 in 2023

DEAL No. 1. 25% account top-up 1) Log in to your account 2) Deposit the amount of min. 100$ and we will top up your account with 25% additional...


A Step by step guide to easy content marketing

It seems that content marketing is a relatively new area of marketing. But in reality, content marketing has been around for a very long time. In fact, content...


Building brand trust: 7 essential steps

Brands are in trouble. It’s hard to notice the problem among all the success stories we hear about, but we’re actually experiencing a significant...

Data is no longer a nice-to-have why marketers need data like never before

Data is no longer a nice-to-have: why marketers need data like never before

During the last decade, companies across all industries have been investing in marketing analytics solutions. Tools for predictive analytics, data...

Here's how to ace native advertising guide + practical examples

Here’s how to ace native advertising: guide + practical examples

The rules of the publishing world have changed dramatically during the last decade. Media and marketing are no longer two different kingdoms as they used to...


What branded content is and how to make it work for your business

You may have heard the term ‘branded content’ a lot. But what exactly is branded content? And how can you tell you’re doing branded content...

How to run a successful blog

How to run a successful blog: insights from 15 most popular blogs

It’s hard to believe that blogging was once a niche activity happening in the form of online journals and link catalogs. There’s no denying that...

5 issues and how to solve them for successful content marketing

Conversion tracking: 5 issues and how to solve them for successful content marketing

There’s no denying that consumers like to gather information before making a purchase. Most of them will be doing a lot of research online about products...


How to pick the right content KPIs for your business

Welcome to the final part of our guide to measuring the efficiency of your content marketing strategy. To help you navigate our series of articles,...


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